☕️ Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates - the largest divorce settlement in the making?

Disney+ finally here in Malaysia from June. MAS to breakeven in 2023 (wishful thinking?). Pfizer's projected Covid-19 vaccine revenue in 2021: USD26 bil.

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United Kingdom and India have announced new trade and investment deals worth £1billion, resulting in 6,000 jobs creation.

USD124 billion — net worth of Bill Gates, who has announced his divorce with Melinda Gates yesterday.

RM68 million — tax arrears of Jho Low’s associate Eric Tan for the year of assessment 2010 until 2013.


  • 8,302 contract healthcare workers are hired to by MoH to optimise the use of human resources to address the Covid-19 pandemic in the country


  1. If you love your Marvel movies, Disney animations or anything else under the entertainment giant’s umbrella, Disney+ will be available in Malaysia beginning June 1 2021 via its own streaming platform and also through working relationships with platforms such as Astro. Consumers can subscribe directly to Disney+ Hotstar for RM54.90 for three months. Just in time for Loki!

  2. Hartalega Holdings Bhd reported another record for 4QFY21 ending March 31 2021 with net profit of RM1.12 billion, 11.73% increase q-o-q, mainly attributed by higher sales revenue and lower operation costs. The group declared a third interim single tier dividend of 17.7 sen, bringing total dividend of 31.2 sen per share for the year.

  3. Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) has high hopes for Malaysia Airline Bhd (MAB) to break even by 2023 through its Long Term Business Plan 2.0 according to MAG’s Group CEO Captain Izham Ismail. He believes the aviation industry will benefit from government interventions such as bilateral discussions on travel corridors. Maybe MAG can first consider hiring a better strategy team to come up with a more inspiring name — perhaps No More Bailouts Plan?

  4. In a democratic country, there should be fine lines drawn between the government and the enforcement. Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin ought to know otherwise he would be accused of trying to appoint “his boy” to become the head of the Special Branch, the intelligence unit of the police force after it refused to carry out political operations for him.

  5. NAGA 7 jack-up drilling rig chartered ConocoPhilips Sarawak Ltd near Miri had sunk on Monday (May 3). All people on board (the rig) have been evacuated with no known injuries. The rig is owned by Malaysian public-list company — Velesto Energy Bhd.

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  1. Pfizer reported its first quarter results with USD14.58 bil in sales, of which its Covid-19 vaccine contributed about 24% or USD3.5 bil to its topline. The company expects full-year sales of this vaccine to be USD26 bil, a significant upward revision from its earlier projection of USD15 bil with an expected pretax margin of 20%. This would translate into USD5.2 bil in pretax profits solely from the coronavirus vaccine. 

    The company said it expects to deliver 1.6 bil doses of its Covid-19 shot this year under contracts signed as at mid-Apr, and will have the capacity to produce at least 3 bil doses in 2022. Wealthy countries had secured more than 87% of more than 700 mil doses in supply as at mid-April, whilst poorer countries only received 0.2% of it, according to WHO. 1 in 4 people have received the vaccine in wealthy countries as compared to 1 in 500 in poor countries. 

  2. Myanmar’s deteriorating security and human rights situation has led to Norway’s Telenor, the giant telco, to write off the value of its Myanmar operations. It has operated there since 2014 and with the network restrictions imposed by the military regime on all telco operators, Telenor’s subscription and traffic revenues have fallen by half. Nevertheless, it added 2 mil users in Myanmar during the quarter, bringing it total Myanmar user base to 18.2 mil

    Telenor fully impaired Telenor Myanmar in its first-quarter results, writing off 6.5 bil crowns (USD783 mil) and plunging the group into a loss of 3.9 bil Norwergian crowns (USD469 mil). Telenor serves 187 mil customers in 9 countries across Europe and Asia, with a net gain of 5 mil users compared to the year earlier.

  3. A new crypto billionaire has been crowned. The creator of the Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Vitalik Buterin, has become the world’s youngest crypto billionaire by 27. He created the Ethereum network in 2015, when he was 21. The surge in ether (Ethereum is the network, ether is the unit) has boosted his ether holdings of 333,521 ether to USD1.12 bil at this point of writing, based on his ether address (view here), which he disclosed in October 2018 as his main ether wallet. Ethereum’s market cap currently stands at USD388 bil, second to Bitcoin’sUSD1.02 tril

  4. By now, most people would know that Bill and Melinda Gates have announced their divorce. No prenup was signed prior to their marriage, however, the couple did sign a separation contract. Melinda has described their marriage as ‘irretrievably broken’. This could be the largest divorce settlement amount.

    The largest so far recorded was between Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott in 2019, in which she walked away with USD38 bil. Melinda, in her book ‘The Moment of Lift’ shared an incident when Bill and her fought in 2013 when she asked him to let her co-author their 2013 annual philanthropic letter on their foundation. 

  5. Back in late 2020, DBS, the giant Singapore bank, launched its digital asset / crypto exchange for accredited investors. In its recent earnings report, it shared some insights on its traction. Trading volume has increased 10x since launch, with daily trading volume between SGD30-40 mil and it has 120 investors on board, with ‘hundreds or more, probably thousands of clients who are waiting to be investors’. It currently has SGD80 mil under custody and is planning to extend trading to 24/7

    ‘I do think given the amount of interest in all the four cryptos that we trade now, that interest is quite high. And therefore, I do think it will pick up. But whether it picks up to tens of millions, or hundreds of millions of income over the next few years, it’s hard to say. So my thinking is, we should get in there, figure it out and grow and then we’ll get a better sense for how big this could be in time.’

    Piyush Gupta, DBS CEO


  1. Singapore has ‘engaged’ Phua Chu Kang to encourage its citizen to vaccinate.

  2. British Royal Marines testing out Gravity Industries jetpack. One small step to building Iron Man.

  3. ASEAN Covid-19 Vaccination Rate