☕️ Jeff Bezos to step down as Amazon CEO

Apple borrowing USD14 billion to pay dividends - corporate version of debt-fuelled lifestyle. Tealive owner looking to sell a strategic stake. Highest paid athlete - Lionel Messi's EUR555mil contract.

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RM38.67 billion — revenue of the Royal Malaysian Customers Department in 2020.

Sir Richard Branson added US$1.8 billion to his wealth since mid-Jan as shares in Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. hit all time high of $57.24 per share.

18% of people in Southeast Asia share news before verifying. You can’t be one of them since you read The Coffee Break ;)

135,000 cars will be recalled by Tesla over touch-screen failures.



  1. As expected, the Movement Control Order is extended again from Feb 5 to Feb 18. The SOP for CNY will be release shortly.

  2. Former Prime Minister DS Najib Razak is demanding an apology and RM10 million from former attorney general Tan Sri Tommy Thomas over the latter’s memoir. In Chapter 42 - Altantuya, serious defamatory statements were made against Najib. How to remove a chapter from a book that has already been published?

  3. The pot calling the kettle black — Malaysia government issued a statement condemning Myanmar for declaring emergency and suspending democratic process.

  4. Bursa Malaysia Bhd reported a net profit of RM104.85 million for quarter ending Dec 31, 20 (4QFY20), closing the year with the highest full-year earnings of RM377.5 million since listing in 2005. FY2020 saw the retail average trading value surged by 236% to 1.6 billion, the highest in Bursa’s history.

  5. Celebrity preacher Ebit Lew may face fine of up to RM100,000 if he continues to carry out his mission in Sabah to distribute essential goods to the needy as he is not allowed to do so.

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  6. The owner of tea brand Tealive, Loob Holding Sdn Bhd is looking at a strategic stake sale, with Nomura being the advisor according to sources. Back in May 2019, Bloomberg reported that Loob was considering an IPO to raise RM300 million in 2020 which would value Loob as much as RM1 billion.

  7. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) adds four entities to consumer alert list — UK Trade Online, Net Trade Global Trading Sdn Bhd, Waheed Ventures and New Tycoon Plus. These companies are not approved nor authorised under relevant laws and regulations administer by BNM.


  1. CEO of Amazon.com Inc, Jeff Bezos will be stepping down in the third quarter of 2021 and become the executive chairman. Andy Jassy, the current head of Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be the successor. Here’s the email from Jeff Bezos to his employees on this transition.

  2. Apple is raising USD14 billion - not to invest or expand its business but for share buybacks and dividend payments. It will issue 6 tranches of debt, with the longest portion being a 40-year old bond. In its most recent quarter, Apple has a giant USD196 billion in cash and USD112 billion in debt.  Seems like the corporate version of debt-fuelled lifestyle.

  3. Not too long after raising USD1 billion last week, Robinhood, the commission-free online broker caught in the middle of the GameStop saga has raised another USD2.4 billion, bringing it to a total of USD3.4 billion. This is to bolster its capital amidst the surge in collateral requirements. As a result of its mishandling of the saga, Robinhood will consider postponing its IPO as sentiment and public opinion has turned against it. 

    Its business model is coming under harder scrutiny as well as it heavily relies on ‘payment for order flow (PFOF) to generate a substantial portion of its revenue, and offering commission free services to its users. PFOF is a practice of selling users’ buy and sell orders to market-making firms, such as Citadel, Virtu instead of direct to the exchanges, which will give these market-makers an advantageous position to trade ahead of these users. Robinhood generated more than USD221 million from PFOF in Q4 2020 (USD0.0039 per share), which is as much as 40% of its revenue obtained through this method. 

    Netflix is making a movie out of this saga.

  4. 33-year old footballer, Lionel Messi’s contract with Barcelona was leaked by a spanish newspaper, El Mundo. His contract is worth EUR555 million (USD673 million) over 4 seasons, and is said to be the most expensive contract ever agreed with for a sports athlete. Guess who’s also a beneficiary? The Spanish government, as half of it will be taxed. There are only 4 copies of the contract - one with Messi, one with Barcelona, one with La Liga and Messi’s lawyer. Messi and Barcelona will be taking legal actions against El Mundo.

  5. Exxon Mobil Corp posted its first annual loss of USD20 billion in 40 years whilst competitor BP too announcedUSD5.7 billion of losses in 2020, its first annual loss in 10 years as oil and gas demand took a big hit in 2020, no thanks to the pandemic which saw travel activities collapsed. 

  6. Pfizer is expected to generate USD15 billion in sales from its Covid-19 vaccine and to deliver 2 billion doses. This works out to USD7.50 per dosage. 

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