☕️ MoH Prediction: +8,000 daily new Covid-19 cases by Mar 2021

Whatsapp wants you to share your data with Facebook. CNY-themed Apple AirPods. Dark day for US politics and history - Capitol Hill getting sieged.

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Airbnb had 7.4 million global listings before the pandemic.

US$46 million ads spent on Facebook but the platform booted him without warning or explanation.

USD$210 billion - damage caused in the second-warmest year by storms, fires and floods according to Munich Re.

RM200 - e-rebate for each households that purchase locally made energy-efficient refrigerators and air conditioners. RM30 million has been approved under Budget 2021 for this initiative.


We just hit another all time high for new cases in Malaysia. We can stop it from spreading further and it starts with us. We cannot let our optimism bias make a fool out of us - anyone of us can get infected! The virus does not discriminate.

More than ever, we need to:-

  1. Practice proper hygiene, wear masks and use hand sanitiser

  2. Practice social distancing

  3. Only go out for essentials

  4. Don’t eat out but do takeaways or food delivery instead

  5. If you’re not feeling well, seek medical attention and stay home.

Take care and stay safe.


  1. Second consecutive day Malaysia has broken the record for daily confirmed Covid-19 cases with 3,027 cases recorded yesterday. At this current trajectory with R0 of 1.2, daily cases are set to hit 8,000 per day by 3rd week of Mar 2021 according to a modelling by the Ministry of Health. 

  2. Selangor folks in PJ, Shah Alam and Klang - brace for another water supply cut, albeit a scheduled one. Pengurusan Air Selangor Bhd (PUAS) said this was to facilitate new pipe connection. At least not another round of pollution. 

  3. The sales tax exemption on cars introduced in mid 2020 has helped UMW Holdings Bhd to exceed its 2020 sales target.

    Toyota vehicles: 59,320 units sold in 2020 vs 53,000 target

    Perodua vehicles: 220,154 units sold in 2020 vs 210,000 target

  4. The registration of Tun Mahathir’s latest political party Parti Pejuang Tanah Air (Pejuang) has been rejected by The Registrar of Societies (RoS). Pejuang will have 30 days to make an appeal with the Home Ministry. Yesterday, Syed Saddiq, former youth and sports minister, received the same fate with his Malaysian United Democratic Alliance’s (MUDA) registration being rejected by RoS.

  5. The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock has criticised Top Glove for ill treating their workers and failing to ensure their safety. BlackRock wants to hold the incumbent directors accountable by voting against their re-election. Through a unit, BlackRock owns 1.07% of Top Glove. Likewise, the giant sovereign wealth fund, Norges, with an ownership of 0.84% in Top Glove has voted against their re-election. However, the board members were re-elected despite the objections. 

  6. Apple has released special edition Ox-themed AirPods Pro in Malaysia for Chinese New Year. It’s the same price as the original, RM1,099.


  1. Japan’s PM Yoshihide Suga declared a statement of emergency Thursday for Tokyo and adjacent areas, trying to stem Covid-19 infections that hit a daily record in the capital - 2,447 cases.

  2. PayPal Holdings Inc’s venture arm has made an investment in Taxbit, which helps consumers and businesses calculate the taxes owed on cryptocurrency holdings. Meanwhile, Bitcoin just broke US$40,000 while we were asleep.

  3. Was it bizarre or just another day in the US? Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol, forcing Congress to go under lockdown as they were counting the Electoral College votes from the 2020 presidential election. The EC has confirmed the Joe Biden will be the 46th president of the United Sates.

  1. Imagine Malaysia Parliament getting sieged by mobs. That’s what happened to the US last night. Watch below how the chaos at US Capital unfold.

  2. WhatsApp will require you to agree to share your personal data with its parent company, Facebook by Feb 8 2021 or delete your accounts. Did you see this coming?

  3. The capital and largest city in northern China’s Hebei province, Shijiazhuang has barred people from leaving to curb the spread of the coronavirus as the country reported the biggest rise in daily infections in more than 5 months.

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