☕️ NASA has created oxygen on Mars

YDAP granted audience to party pushing to end the emergency. Credit Suisse had >USD20 bil exposure to Archegos without realising it. Banks to help finance Lee family of Samsung USD10 bil tax bill.

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USD100 mil — the price to pay for being a ‘dishonest’ son of a Russian oligarch.

€538,000 — the full pay of a hospital employee in Italy who has been skipping work for the past 15 years.

RM1.38 billion of financing from 7,387 applications have been approved under PENJANA’s SME Financing programme as of April 9 2021.


  • US listed Malaysia as “Level 4”, signifying a ‘very high’ number of Covid-19 cases in the country and CDC has advised Americans to avoid all travel to Malaysia.


  1. Developer Mah Sing Group Bhd will begin producing rubber gloves next month after completing the testing and commissioning of its two glove production lines in Kapar, Klang. The company has secured purchase orders up until September this year, with average selling prices of between USD85 to USD115 per 1,000 pieces.

  2. The planned listing of Top Glove Corp Bhd in Hong Kong Stock Exchange has been downsized from RM7.7 billion to RM4.17 billion after taking into consideration of shareholders’ interest by minimising dilution of existing shareholders’ respective shareholding. The group will issue 793.5 million shares, representing 9.02% of its enlarged share capital once the listing is completed.

  3. US-based semiconductor manufacturer Intel Corp’s largest solar farm outside of the United States is in Malaysia. The new solar farm panels cover an approximate area of 900 carpark spaces and additional 50,208 square feet on footsteps to generate 6,000 MWh of electricity annually to help power its six buildings across its Kulim and Penang campus.

  4. DS Nazir Razak is back in the local corporate scene as he has been appointed as the chairman of Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Bhd (BPMB). Nazir said BPMB is a key development finance institution tasked to support companies and projects that promote socio-economic growth and he is grateful for the opportunity to serve a government institution.

  5. Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah has granted an audience to The Committee to End Emergency Declaration according to the latter’s chairman, Khalid Abdul Samad who said he had received a letter from Istana Negara yesterday.


  1. After successfully getting Ingenuity to complete its successful test flight a few days ago despite Mar’s thin atmosphere, Nasa’sPerseverance completed another milestone. Perseverance has successfully created oxygen out of Mars’ atmosphere that is 96% carbon dioxide. Perseverance brought along a device to Mars called Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment, or MOXIE. It pulls carbon dioxide from the Martian air to produce its first oxygen of 5.4 grams (99.6%purity), sufficient to keep an astronaut healthy for 10 minutes. This takes us another step closer to having humans on Mars as the oxygen created is not only for breathable air but also fuelling rockets to depart from Mars. The below is an illustration of the MOXIE, depicting the elements in it.

  2. Student housing is a big business. Mapletree Investments, a property developer and manager, owned by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, Temasek, is exploring listing a student housingreal estate investment trust (REIT) in Singapore that could raise about USD1 bil. Mapletree owns 4 Singapore-listed REITs and 6 private equity real estate funds, with USD45.5 bil assets under management as at end of Mar last year. 

    It has a diverse portfolio, spanning from residential and industrial assets to data centres, retail space and lodging in 13 markets across Asia, Europe and the US. Mapletree has 50 properties purpose-built for student accommodation, with more than 22,000 beds located across 33 cities in Britain, the US and Canada and by including projects under development, this brings its student accommodation assets under management to USD2.7 bil

  3. More information is revealed on Credit Suisse’s involvement with the embattled family office, Archegos Capital Management. Credit Suisse has amassed more than USD20 bil of exposure to investments related to this one single client and reported related losses of USD4.7 bil. This debacle has led to its CEO, Thomas Gottstein and Chief Risk Officer Lara Warner to leave the bank. Both were not aware of the fund as a major client before that and only knew of the bank’s exposure a few days leading to the forced liquidation of Archegos’s investments. Internally, Credit Suisse lacks the capability of tracking its exposure in real-time, as the system, called dynamic margining, is not implemented in the division that oversaw Archegos’ investments in Credit Suisse, which is scheduled to be implemented this spring. 

  4. When you are from a billionaire family, even the banks would like to help you pay your taxes, at least through a loan. In the case of Samsung, the death of its patriarch Lee Kun-hee has left its family with a USD10 bil inheritance tax bill. Lee’s family is  considering pledging shares in its affiliated companies as collateral for personal loans to pay part of the inheritance taxes as this will allow them to avoid selling their extensive Samsung holdings. They are deemed by bankers to be excellent clients. The late Lee died on Oct 25 last year with a net worth of USD20.9 bil


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