☕️ r/bursabets to pump glove counter stocks?

Malaysia dropped 6 places in TI's Corruption Perception Index. Apple's first ever quarterly revenue >USD100 billion. Ebit Lew, celebrity preacher, once again to the rescue in Sabah.

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1,700,000,000 trips via car, rail or air will be made as millions of people travel thousands of miles across China to celebrate Lunar New Year.

2,700 flights have been made since November 2020 by Boeing 737 Max after the Federal Aviation Administration cleared the infamous aircraft to fly again back on Nov 18, 2020.

US$61 billion expected losses in revenue due to semiconductor chips shortage as car companies’ supply chain got disrupted.

Apple’s brand value is worth US$263.4 billion, making it the most valuable company in the world.



  1. In the annual rankings by Transparency International (TI) for the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), Malaysia dropped six places to 57th for the year 2020 because institutional reforms have stalled and several high profile cases were granted discharge not amounting to acquittal.

  2. Malaysian Redditors are planning a coup against short traders of glove counters after being inspired by the recent GME fiasco. Inspired by r/wallstreetbets (4.9 mil members), r/bursabets has been created with 1.9k members at the time of writing.

  3. Moody’s affirms Malaysia government's local and foreign currency long-term issuer and local currency senior unsecured debt ratings at A3 as the country has a diversified and competitive economy backed by supportive demographics. The firm also expects the country’s real GDP to grow by 6% this year.

  4. Celebrity preacher Ebit Lew travelled to Sabah’s east coast to supply to those in need with 1,000 food packs, 100 wheelchairs, 75,000 facemarks and 200 multimedia tables (for students in need).

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  5. If you’re facing connectivity problems in your area, lodge a complaint via Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission’s (MCMC) official channels and MCMC will send its officers over within 24 hours. Can someone put this to the test?

  6. Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd’s (F&N) revenue grew 13.6% q-o-q to RM1.08 billion in 1QFY21 (Dec 31, 20), with net profit of RM136.8 million.

  7. Management or committees of apartments and condominiums can now demand tenants to undergo Covid-19 swab tests and provide them with the results before letting them enter their homes. Is this too drastic of a measure?


  1. The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, Norges with AUM of USD1.3 trillion, which is managed by the central bank of Norway made a return of 10.9% (USD122.7 billion) in 2020. What’s more impressive is that these returns were made when the global economy was suffering on the pandemic and on an large asset base of more than USD1trillion.  

    Norges was founded in 1996 and holds stakes in around 9,200 companies globally, equivalent to 1.5% of all listed stocks. On a per capita basis, each Norwegian is worth USD240,000. If only 1MDB wasn’t managed by corrupts. 

  2. Thai Beverage Pcl, the owner of the iconic Chang beer, is filing to list its brewery unit on the Singapore stock exchange, seeking a valuation of up to USD10 billion. This could potentially be Singapore's largest listing since Hutchinson Port Holdings Trust raised USD5.5 billion in 2011. ThaiBev also owns 28% of F&N Ltd, which sells 100PLUS and Magnolia. The group is controlled by Thailand’s richest person, Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi, with a wealth of USD16.6 billion

  3. Apple announced its best quarterly result ever, crossing USD100 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time in the company’s history. It reported USD111.4 billion in revenue and profit of USD28.7 billion fueled by its release of iPhone 12. iPhone alone contributed USD65.6 billion to its top line in the previous quarter. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, commented that had it not been for the pandemic that forced it to close some of its shops, it would have performed a lot better. 

  4. Tesla too set a record for announcing its first ever quarterly revenue above USD10 billion. It brought in USD10.7 billion in the previous quarter with a profit of USD270 million, its sixth straight quarterly profit. It delivered 499,550 cars in 2020 vs 367,500 in 2019, a 36% increase. 

  5. Humans are going to learn a lot more about Mars. 3 spacecrafts are going to reachMars in the coming month from NASA’s Perseverance, China’s Tianwen-1 and UAE’s Al-Amal or ‘Hope’.

  6. A plane with a banner labelling Donald Trump the ‘worst president ever’ was spotted flying near Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, Florida, where he has been staying since he left the White House.  

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