☕️ Top 15 earning US hedge fund managers made USD23.2 billion in 2020

Survey:42.5k sugar daddies, 84k sugar babies in Malaysia. RON95 and diesel prices capped amidst rising global oil prices. Japan to dispose 20 mil Pfizer vaccine doses due to lack of 'special' syringe.

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RM12.76 billion of Wage Subsidy Programme 1.0 has been approved by the Malaysian government as at Jan 29, 2021.

US$316 million were stolen by North Korean hackers to fund its nuclear weapons program in 2020 according to UN.

42,500 sugar daddies propels Malaysia to the 3rd place in Asia for having the most sugar daddies according to Seeking Arrangement, the world’s largest sugar dating site. A sugar daddy in Malaysia has an average income of RM150,000. The platform also mentioned there are 84,000 sugar babies available from Malaysia.

38 - the number of new unicorns, or venture-backed startup with a USD1 billion valuation that was created worldwide in January. That’s at least 1 a day,

192 million - daily active users of Twitter in its 4th quarter.



  1. The Ministry of Health is looking to get an additional 30% of Pfizer vaccine. Minister DS Dr Adham Baba said the additional amount would cover 50% of Malaysia's population.

  2. Touch ‘n Go reintroduces ‘Angpow’ feature on eWallet app to keep the tradition alive. No excuses from your relatives not to give you Ang Pow this year despite the MCO restrictions. Here’s the guide from TnG, send this guide to your uncles and aunties to get your red packets!

  3. Tenaga Nasional Bhd’s (TNB) CEO DS Amir Hamzah Azizan will be leaving the company effective Feb 28 2021 to helm the Employee Provident Fund (EPF). Amir Hamzah will be succeeded by Datuk Baharin Din which is TNB’s Chief Distribution Network Office.

  4. In view of the recent hike in global oil price, the government has decided to cap RON95 and Diesel prices at RM2.05 per litre and RM2.15 per litre respectively. Finance Minister DS Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz said said the move is to protect the consumers. As this is a subsidy, some one has to fork out the difference. No mentioning of how much this would cost the government.

  5. AirAsia Group’s first tranche of private placement of 369.8 million shares will be fixed at 67.5 cents each. The entire private placement of 668.39 million shares will raise approximately RM454.5 million to help the aviation group to weather through Covid-19.

  6. Stumbled upon this on Reddit, wishing all of you celebrating Chinese New Year an Ox-cellent 2021! Watch the full video here.


  1. Due to the lack of a special syringe to extract the final 6th dose of Pfizer’s vaccine in Japan, 20 million doses of the 144 million doses that Japan has bought will be going to waste. Pfizer is estimated to generate USD15 billion from 2 billion doses of its coronavirus vaccine , working out to USD7.50 / does. At this estimation, conservatively, Japan’s 20 million doses would cost USD150 million for nothing.

  2. Most people know Amazon as an e-commerce and cloud service provider giant. What is less known is that Amazon is the 3rd largest digital advertising player, after Google and Facebook. It generated USD21 billion in 2020, up from USD14 billion a year earlier. Despite this, industry players commented that Amazon’s ad platform isn’t as polished or advanced as its main competitors, which could potentially hold it back. 

  3. Jeff Bezos founded Amazon 26 years ago and has now stepped down as its CEO. An interesting gallery of his achievement, in and outside Amazon. 

  4. The top 15 earning hedge fund managers took home a collective income of USD23.2 billion in 2020 according to Bloomberg

    A name that you might have heard of recently - Gabe Plotkin, founder of Melvin Capital Management, the hedge fund caught right in the middle of the Gamestop vs r/WallStreetBets saga made it last on the list, taking home USD850 million. His fund gained 53% in 2020, and coincidentally, lost 53% on Gamestop, costing Plotkin an estimated USD450 million

  5. The average yield of US corporate high-yield debt has fallen below 4%, marking it 6th consecutive decline. Corporate high-yield debt is also known as ‘junk bonds’, as it carries low credit ratings. Yields fall when prices rise, or demand is high enough to push prices upwards. When even ‘junk’ assets are in high demand, it’s a sign of too much money sloshing around in the market. 

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