☕️ US$18 billion merger between Gojek and Tokopedia looms near.

London like-weather in Malaysia is fake news. If you've been trading crypto, LHDN wants a slice of the pie too. UK and Scotland go into full lockdown.

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US$146,000 is JPMorgan’s long term target price for Bitcoin. Approximately 3.5 years ago, JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon said Bitcoin is a fraud and that he would fire employees that traded Bitcoin. Funny how times have changed.

RM70 billion - total export value of Malaysian palm oil and palm products in 2020 to surpass, compared with RM67.5 billion in 2019. Malaysia is world’s second-largest palm oil producer after Indonesia

100 million - the number of trees to be planted by 2025 in Malaysia through the 100 Million Tree-Planting Campaign 2020-2025 launched by PM Muhyiddin Yassin. This campaign is expected to absorb at least 30 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.



  1. After 3 months of hiatus, former PM Najib Razak1MDB trial resumed yesterday with former 1MDB CEO Mohd Hazem Abdul Rahman taking the stand. He provided damning testimony against Najib, revealing that 1MDB’s sole purpose of setting up to help UMNO obtain funds.

    Najib, earlier being convicted and sentenced to 12 years’ in jail and fined RM210 million in the SRC International Sdn Bhd trial, is facing 4 counts of abuse of power for using his position as PM, finance minister and 1MDB board of advisers chairman to receive gratification worth RM2.28 billion in the present trial. He also faces 21 counts of money laundering involving over RM4.3 billion

  2. A new premium retail grocer, Qra, will be opening its doors soon with its first branch located in Kenny Hills. Qra is backed by one of the co-founders of Ben’s Independent Grocers, David Tseng. In 2017, Navis Capital Partners, one of the largest private equity in Southeast Asia acquired Ben’s through its majority-owned subsidiary, Village Grocer Holdings Sdn Bhd. Acquisition price of Ben’s was not disclosed. 

  3. ATA IMS Bhd, a Bursa-listed company is temporarily shutting down its operations at all its factories as the number of Covid-19 cases is rising there. According to the announcement filing, the shutdown was effective from 31 Dec 2020 with operations to resume on 8 Jan 2020. The company noted that this won’t have any significant financial impact. Its share price remains unchanged at RM2.30, valuing it at RM2.77 billion.

  4. The Malaysian Meteorological Department has called claims of ‘London-like’ weather in coming February that have been circulating on social media as fake news. 

  1. Making big bucks from your cryptocurrency portfolio? If you are trading on any of the regulated digital asset exchanges (DAX), you will have to declare your gains to LHDN. However, this only applies if one actively trades their digital assets. However, the definition of ‘trading’ is open for interpretation as LHDN did not provide details on what constitutes trading.

    “Therefore, to determine whether the profit from the activity is taxable or not, it is necessary for us to look at each and every case in depth to determine whether there is a pattern of trade, or badges of trade,” it said.

    “If the transaction is more of a capital gain, passive, or as done occasionally, unplanned or unsystematic, then the profit from such sale and purchase is a tax-free income.

    “On the other hand, for those who are involved in or using this cryptocurrency actively, systematically and repeatedly where the patterns of badges of trade exist, then the party is considered to have conducted a transaction or profession.

    “The profits generated from such transactions are subject to income tax,”

    - Ranjeet Kaur, LHDN communication director


  1. US$18 billion merger between Indonesian ride-hailing and payment firm Gojek and e-commerce leader Tokopedia seems imminent ahead of potential stock marketing listings in Jakarta and US. The merger would pave way to profitability for the companies, with variety of services from grocery shopping to hairdressing appointments under a single platform. Negotiations between these titans two picked up after merger talks between Grab and Gojek faltered.

  2. United Kingdom and Scotland will go into full lockdown until mid-Feb ‘21 and end-Jan ‘21 respectively as the pandemic shows no signs of abating. Schools will remain closed and people are required to stay at home.

  3. The first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Toyosu first market saw a giant bluefin tuna (208.4kg) sold for only ¥20.84 million as compared to ¥193.2 million back in 2020. The drop reflects a slump in demand for the highly sought after fish.

  4. Singapore-based financial products comparison website, GoBear, has announced it will shut down its operations. The startup was well supported, having raised US$97 million to date.

  5. The Amazon-JPMorgan-Berkshire Hathaway healthcare venture, Haven is disbanding after 3 years of struggling to fix healthcare. Ever heard of the term three’s a crowd? Amazon was the party pooper this time around as it has been the most reluctant to make commitments to Haven.

  6. A federal banking regulator quipped in an interpretive letter than U.S. financial institutions are allowed to use stablecoins (such as USDT) for payment activities and can participate as nodes in a blockchain. The move essentially puts blockchain networks on an equal level as global financial networks such as SWIFT. Will 2021 be the year of cryptocurrencies?

  7. As Donald Trump continues spewing statements to destroy faith in the United State’s democracy that fairly ejected him from the office, Georgia’s Secretary of State has had it by putting a fact check board refuting Trump’s claims.

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