☕️ 'We are at breaking point' - Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Health Ministry DG

Malaysia's highest new daily Covid-19 cases recorded. Biggest donation of 2020 goes to Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Watch a Tesla Model 3 drives itself for 358 miles.

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1,800 migratory birds founded dead in Hichamal Pradesh, northern India due to H5N1 avian influenza virus.

US$50 billion - how much Berkshire Hathaway made from Apple Inc in 2020.

US$10 billion donation by Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos is the largest (pre-pandemic) donation of 2020. The top 10 contributors donated more than US$12.2 billion in 2020 with Bezos’ contribution making up 81% of the top 10.

2.5 million - total applications for EPF i-Sinar withdrawal totalling RM19.62 billion. EPF is ‘allowing’ us to use our own money to help ourselves during this pandemic hardship.



  1. Another unneeded record broken yesterday - Malaysia recorded the highest number of new daily Covid-19 cases at 2,593 bringing the total number of cases to 125,438 cases with 100,578 patients that have recovered so far. 

    Health Ministry Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has sounded the alarm that the nation’s health system is at a breaking point given the constant rise in Covid-19 cases.

    "Our health system has been pressured and we are at a breaking point because cases are increasing every day. We may not be able to accommodate patients in our facilities and has called for targeted MCO.”

    - Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Health Ministry DG

  2. Whilst most of us in Klang Valley are enjoying the cool weather, Malaysians in other parts of the country are suffering from flood crisis. Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan are facing worsening flood whilst the situation in Perak, Selangor and Johor is reported to be improving. 

  3. UMNO Secretary General, Ahmad Maslan, expressed that UMNO’s dissatisfaction against the ruling coalition, Perikatan Nasional, is less about the positions they were offered in the government and but more due to the ‘cruelty’ of the government to continue pursuing criminal charges against UMNO leaders, thus requiring a new government to be elected. 

    Ahmad Maslan is on trial for failing to declare RM2 million in income tax for 2013 payments he received from former PM Najib Razak. Other UMNO leaders currently being charged - former PM Najib Razak and former deputy PM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    This is called ‘justice’, not ‘cruelty’ to face court if one is alleged to have broken the law. 

  4. CPO hits 12-year high above RM4,000 with stockpiles falling to the lowest level in 13 years.

  5. Top Glove has obtained approval from authorities to reopen all its 28 factories that were previously shut down temporarily after becoming a Covid-19 hotspot.


  1. As the China’s armed forces kicked off the year’s military training and exercises on Monday, President Xi Jinping told the People’s Liberation Army to be ready for full-time combat and be ready to act at any second. Should we be worried?

  2. Jack Ma isn’t exactly missing according to CNBC’s David Faber. Having interviewed Jack Ma a few times, Faber mentioned Jack Ma is likely in Hang Zhou, where Alibaba’s HQ is located although he is no longer involved with the management of Alibaba. He’s evading the public eye on purpose.

  3. Bibit, a digital investment app with robo-advisory service from Indonesia has announced the raising of US$30 million from Sequoia Capital India. The startup has experienced significant growth since its launch back in 2019, with more than 1 million new registered users with the platform during the past year alone.

  4. Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square made a killing in 2020 with 70% return, exceeding its previous record of 58% in 2019. Ackman famously made 962x returns during the March ‘20 crash with credit default swaps. He yielded US$2.6 billion from the trade where he only paid US$27 million in premiums. The fund’s asset under management as at Nov ‘20 stood at US$13 billion.

  5. Sorry Donald, you won’t be allowed to golf at your luxury golf resort in Turnberry, Scotland during Joe Biden’s inauguration. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said pandemic travel ban applies to President Trump as much as anybody else.

  6. Democrats have regained the control of the US Senate with wins by Ossoff and Warnock in the Georgia run off elections. U.S. Treasury Yields broke 1% for the first time since March’ 20 with renewed optimism about U.S. stimulus talks from Democrats’ win. Democrats will control the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House for the first time since 2009. However, Trump’s supporters took siege of Capitol on Wednesday and one women was shot dead.

  7. Watch this Tesla Model 3 in ‘full self-driving’ mode driving for 358 miles with a single intervention by the driver - just to charge the car.

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