Apology for an article published on Sep 23, 2021

An apology for our error in judgement.

On Sept 23, we had included in our website an article about the alleged involvement of two students from a local international school in spreading and selling photos that were deemed inappropriate. In including the article, we made the following mistakes:

  1. We did not investigate further on the matter. We merely included the article on our website.

  2. We did not reach out to the minors or to their parents to obtain their side of the story.

Upon checking into the matter further, we found that there were no inappropriate photos of any person posted by the said two students, nor did they peddle the photos for money. As such, the article should not have been included at all. We have since removed the article from our website promptly.

We had included the article because we thought it was news relating to an alleged incident which would be in the interest of our readers and the wider public. Our intention was not malicious. We regret any misrepresentation of facts and errors in judgment on our part. Like any other humans, we make mistakes.

We, The Coffee Break, offer our sincere apology to the two students and their respective families.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to producing more quality and informative articles in the future.

The Coffee Break.