☕️ Is the end near? Moderna's vaccine almost 95% effective.

EMCO at Top Glove factories, Trump still living in denial, slow news day.

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USD14 billion: Estimated cost of the US Election 2020, more than doubled than 2016 (USD6.5 bil)

2 million iPhones 12 were sold within the first 24 hours of preorders, up from the 800k units of the iPhone 11 for the same period last year.

54 vaccines (Covid-19) in clinical trials on humans.


  1. Top Glove workers’ dormitories will be placed under EMCO. 13,190 workers of a total workforce of 21,000 will not be allowed to work in the factories. This would be a huge disruption to global gloves supply especially when the entire market is experiencing shortage, as Top Glove is the world’s largest glove manufacturer.

  2. $KPOWER, more like Karim Power - whose share price has rose more than 300% YTD has announced 1 to 4 share split with free warrants. Yes, non-glove counters can provide triple digit returns too.

  3. Water disruptions have become so common - apa lagi Syabas mahu?! A total of 27 areas in the Kuala Langat & Sepang area will be affected from 24th till 25th Nov 2020.

  4. Tourplus, a Malaysian tech travel startup fresh off raising USD1mil, is launching its new app to help the domestic travel sector. RM1,000 cashback campaign up for grabs during this new launch.


  1. Yet another good news for the world. Moderna announced its vaccine is ‘94.5%’ effective. Before we get too excited, this was based on a sample of 95 people. Moderna stock price is up +15% in pre-market trading.

  1. ‘Stay-at-home’ stocks tumbled in pre-market trading: Zoom (-7%), Etsy (-6%), Peloton (-5%). Big 4 US airlines, cruise operators and ‘real economy’ stocks getting a boost from this vaccine news.

  2. Walmart says sayonara to Japan, selling 85% of Seiyu, the Japanese supermarket chained it acquired 12 years ago to KKR, a private equity firm, and Rakuten, Japan’s largest e-commerce company at a valuation of USD1.6bn.

  3. Just how popular is anime (Japanese animation)? According to Netflix, more than 100mil households around the world on its streaming site have at least watched one anime title. Export of Japanese companies involved in animation content (ie, licensing) grew about 4x+ to USD10bn from USD2.3bn six years earlier.

  4. Americans are now flush with cash after paying down debt whilst their US federal debt stands at USD21Tril.

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